Craig Durrett. President

Craig Durrett is currently president of Durrett Motor Company, Texas Star Financial and Durrett Storage Center. Over the past 33 years, Craig has built three successful businesses based on his good, solid reputation and has become a trusted name his clients can rely on. But, first and foremost, Craig's first passion is the car business. Craig's mission has always been to improve the image of the pre-owned car industry, and it is this which sets him apart from other dealers that choose not to "do business the right way." Craig is a man of his word and firmly believes in still doing business on a handshake. You will often hear him say "If you said you would do it, you simply need to get it done; no matter the cost."

Craig is a native Texan, and has lived in the Houston area most of his life. He attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, and in 1977 married his beautiful wife, Paula. His passion for cars and a very unsavory experience during the purchase of a new car is what brought him to the auto industry in 1977. After his sales training at Giles Volkswagen-Volvo, Craig quickly realized that what his grandmother had always told him was true. He definitely possessed "the gift of gab". It was then that he made the decision to start a career where he could use that gift to earn a living and that's just what he did!

After leaving Giles, Craig worked for Dutch Holland Oldsmobile, as a salesman, and eventually the fleet manager from 1978-1981. In 1981 Craig began working for Ron Craft Chevrolet, in Baytown, as his sales manager. He was soon promoted to general sales manager. Craig has always been very grateful to Ron Craft for his positive influence and for sharing his valuable knowledge and experience of the automotive business. In November of 1986, Craig and Paula took a huge step forward and opened Durrett Motor Company. Since then, Durrett Motor Company has outgrown its first and second locations and are currently at the third location, 5520 S Shaver, in Houston. Durrett Motor Company continues to keep its focus on Craig's original mission statement. He has high expectations for himself and his associates. He requires them to be the best and to continue to stretch daily, so Durrett Motor Company can deliver the highest level of service, continue to help customers recapture the power of good credit, and if needed, to be simply a trusted friend in the car business.

Craig is still very hands on at his business and makes himself available to his customers and employees. Still eager to learn and grow, he frequently attends NIADA 20 group meetings and maintains his certification as a Certified Master Dealer. When he's not at Durrett Motor Company, Craig can be seen at fundraisers or community events to support his company charity or simply spending quality time with his wife and traveling in their bus.

Craig will tell you he's not done yet. Every day he seems to find a deeper passion to move forward, to grow, to do more, and to make more, so he can help more. His best is yet to come!


Paula Durrett. Vice President

Paula Durrett was raised in Waco, Texas. She credits her mom's stellar example of strength for her success today. When asked to describe her mother's strength, Paula says, "She was such a strong lady; physically, intellectually and spiritually. She was a leader and a servant in her community. She was a hopeless optimist and a true Christian. I witnessed her faith guide her through her long battle with Cancer. She didn't just talk the talk, Mom walked the walk! "

Like in Flashdance the feel good story of overcoming great odds, Paula Durrett's successful career had humble beginnings in a little apartment and newly married to Craig who swept her off her feet and onto his motorcycle. Money was so tight the new couple secretly wondered how they would afford groceries that first week after they were married, but Paula's mother-in-law dropped by and surprised them by stocking their little apartment with bags & bags of food. What a lesson in grace and love! Though cashiering at Gerland's and struggling to finish college may be a thing of the past, Paula says these were priceless lessons in perseverance. Today Paula enjoys a grateful and blessed life reaping the fruits of her labor. She enjoys shopping, camping "princess style", traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Though her husband claims Paula has a talent for shopping and spending money, he won't deny that she is also very good at raising money. She lights up when she talks about her favorite charity The Bridge Over Troubled Waters and all the great people she has worked with over the past 14 years. During her 3 year tenure as president, Paula helped raise the six million dollars that made opening the new crisis center possible. She and her husband Craig then felt proud to dedicate a room at the center. Paula continues to stay involved with The Bridge and can be seen raising money at bike rallies, fashion shows, galas, and has even run 5 half marathons in "The Bridge Series" for the cause. She also hosts an annual Social with a Purpose that benefits the Bridge Over Troubled Waters & the Bay Area Turning Point. This social fills purple bags with essential items needed by incoming women & children entering the shelters. Paula explains that some of the families flee their homes with just the clothes on their backs and this gives them a little something of their own to help them get settled into their new temporary home. Witnessing so many success stories and the many blessings that God bestows through The Bridge keeps her motivated.

Paula currently serves as president of the Association of Business and Professional Women in the Bay Area and has been a member since 2000. Through this organization, she was instrumental in establishing the SEEDS Program which now mentors Senior Students at Clearview Educational Center in Webster. This program, also known as Lunch with a Leader, provides students with guidance and job skills such as how to write a resume, dress for and ace the interview, what NOT to do, and how to keep a job. This program has also given several scholarships to deserving students for college expenses.

On her days off from volunteering, Paula can be found alongside Craig overseeing the day to day operations of Durrett Motor Company. She often says that nothing she learned in school prepared her to be a car dealer, but her experience as a struggling young adult taught her the importance of respect for her customers and their struggles. Paula says," I know God has a plan for us, and we don't know his exact plan, but I feel blessed that He put me in the right place at the right time to be able to help people."


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