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Meet Our Staff

Our staff here at Durrett Motor Company is here for your convenience. Feel free to contact us with questions or for a test drive.

Meet Our Sales Staff

President Craig  Durrett
Craig Durrett

Craig Durrett is currently president of Durrett Motor Company, Texas Star Financial and Durrett Storage Center. Over the past 27 years, Craig has built three successful businesses based on his good, solid reputation and has become a trusted name his clients can rely on. But, first and foremost, Craig’s first passion is the car business. Craig's mission has always been to improve the image of the pre-owned car industry, and it is this which sets him apart from other dealers that choose not to “do business the right way.” Craig is a man of his word and firmly believes in still doing business on a handshake. You will often hear him say "If you said you would do it, you simply need to get it done; no matter the cost."

Craig is a native Texan, and has lived in the Houston area most of his life. He attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, and in 1977 married his beautiful wife, Paula. His passion for cars and a very unsavory experience during the purchase of a new car is what brought him to the auto industry in 1977. After his sales training at Giles Volkswagen-Volvo, Craig quickly realized that what his grandmother had always told him was true. He definitely possessed "the gift of gab". It was then that he made the decision to start a career where he could use that gift to earn a living and that’s just what he did!

After leaving Giles, Craig worked for Dutch Holland Oldsmobile, as a salesman, and eventually the fleet manager from 1978-1981. In 1981 Craig began working for Ron Craft Chevrolet, in Baytown, as his sales manager. He was soon promoted to general sales manager. Craig has always been very grateful to Ron Craft for his positive influence and for sharing his valuable knowledge and experience of the automotive business. In November of 1986, Craig and Paula took a huge step forward and opened Durrett Motor Company. Since then, Durrett Motor Company has outgrown its first and second locations and are currently at the third location, 5520 S Shaver, in Houston. Durrett Motor Company continues to keep its focus on Craig's original mission statement. He has high expectations for himself and his associates. He requires them to be the best and to continue to stretch daily, so Durrett Motor Company can deliver the highest level of service, continue to help customers recapture the power of good credit, and if needed, to be simply a trusted friend in the car business.

Craig is still very hands on at his business and makes himself available to his customers and employees. Still eager to learn and grow, he frequently attends NIADA 20 group meetings and maintains his certification as a Certified Master Dealer. When he's not at Durrett Motor Company, Craig can be seen at fundraisers or community events to support his company charity or simply spending quality time with his wife and traveling in their bus.

Craig will tell you he's not done yet. Every day he seems to find a deeper passion to move forward, to grow, to do more, and to make more, so he can help more. His best is yet to come!

Craig Durrett
Vice President Paula  Durrett
Paula Durrett

Paula Durrett was raised in Waco, Texas. She credits her mom's stellar example of strength for her success today. When asked to describe her mother's strength, Paula says, "She was such a strong lady; physically, intellectually and spiritually. She was a leader and a servant in her community. She was a hopeless optimist and a true Christian. I witnessed her faith guide her through her long battle with Cancer. She didn't just talk the talk, Mom walked the walk! "

Like in Flashdance the feel good story of overcoming great odds, Paula Durrett's successful career had humble beginnings in a little apartment and newly married to Craig who swept her off her feet and onto his motorcycle. Money was so tight the new couple secretly wondered how they would afford groceries that first week after they were married, but Paula's mother-in-law dropped by and surprised them by stocking their little apartment with bags & bags of food. What a lesson in grace and love! Though cashiering at Gerland's and struggling to finish college may be a thing of the past, Paula says these were priceless lessons in perseverance. Today Paula enjoys a grateful and blessed life reaping the fruits of her labor. She enjoys shopping, camping "princess style", traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Though her husband claims Paula has a talent for shopping and spending money, he won't deny that she is also very good at raising money. She lights up when she talks about her favorite charity The Bridge Over Troubled Waters and all the great people she has worked with over the past 14 years. During her 3 year tenure as president, Paula helped raise the six million dollars that made opening the new crisis center possible. She and her husband Craig then felt proud to dedicate a room at the center. Paula continues to stay involved with The Bridge and can be seen raising money at bike rallies, fashion shows, galas, and has even run 5 half marathons in “The Bridge Series” for the cause. She also hosts an annual Social with a Purpose that benefits the Bridge Over Troubled Waters & the Bay Area Turning Point. This social fills purple bags with essential items needed by incoming women & children entering the shelters. Paula explains that some of the families flee their homes with just the clothes on their backs and this gives them a little something of their own to help them get settled into their new temporary home. Witnessing so many success stories and the many blessings that God bestows through The Bridge keeps her motivated.

Paula currently serves as president of the Association of Business and Professional Women in the Bay Area and has been a member since 2000. Through this organization, she was instrumental in establishing the SEEDS Program which now mentors Senior Students at Clearview Educational Center in Webster. This program, also known as Lunch with a Leader, provides students with guidance and job skills such as how to write a resume, dress for and ace the interview, what NOT to do, and how to keep a job. This program has also given several scholarships to deserving students for college expenses.

On her days off from volunteering, Paula can be found alongside Craig overseeing the day to day operations of Durrett Motor Company. She often says that nothing she learned in school prepared her to be a car dealer, but her experience as a struggling young adult taught her the importance of respect for her customers and their struggles. Paula says," I know God has a plan for us, and we don’t know his exact plan, but I feel blessed that He put me in the right place at the right time to be able to help people."

Vice President
Paula Durrett
General Manager Maria  Aguilar
Maria Aguilar

Maria was born in San Luis Potosí, Mexico. When she was 3 years old, her dad moved his young family to League City, Texas. She enjoys kickboxing, running and spending time with her family and has always considered her siblings, 3 sisters and 1 brother, her best friends. Maria continues to learn and grow by attending motivational and professional industry conventions and seminars. She confesses that she lacked interest in formal education but says that luckily she was raised with a very strong work ethic and a tight knit family that fostered a passion for helping people and always pushing to the next level. "I couldn't have picked a better business to utilize my strengths." she says. In 1992 Maria began her career in the car business at Clear Lake Dodge. After working there 5 years, she resigned her position as a finance manager stating her career felt stagnant and lacked mentorship. Looking back she says, "I did not have a true understanding and passion for the car business yet."

On January 26, 1998, she joined the Durrett Motor Company team and found what she'd been missing. Though it's been 19 years, she recounts that she still remembers that day well. After a short interview with each of the Durretts, they shared their vision with her and she knew this was the place where she could not only learn, but thrive. They offered her an opportunity with no limits. There were so many areas to grow in, a business model that mirrored her true values and a real opportunity to build a rewarding career. She credits the Durretts for her success. "They are part of my family now." she says. "Craig has been a great influence and mentor to me." Being so close to the Durretts, makes working there a welcome challenge and pushes her to do her very best.

Maria says she is proud of Durrett Motor Company's mission statement and explains why. "I love to tell people I sell cars for a living. I can say that with pride because I know we do it the right way. We create a win/win situation! It seems everyone has a horror story about buying a car; it gives me the opportunity to address this common attitude of distrust toward car dealerships. I love to help my clients have a great experience. They find a quality car they can be proud to call their own and in the meantime we offer them options that will benefit them today and in the future. We discuss areas that may help them save money according to their individual buying cycles, and if needed, we can even help them recapture the power of good credit."

Maria knows she's discovered her true passion. She subscribes to Zig Ziglar's philosophy that, "You can get everything in life you want if you'll just help enough other people get what they want." She claims it as her sure recipe for success and adds "As Zig Ziglar says, 'See you at the top!'" Maria believes that's possible for everyone.

General Manager
Maria Aguilar
Generic Staff Photo
Finance / Sales Manager
Jimmy McKee
Assistant Sales Manager Blesson Cherian
Assistant Sales Manager
Blesson Cherian
Sales & Finance Assistant  Lynda Vo
Sales & Finance Assistant
Lynda Vo
Purchase Assistant  Vincent Sandoval
Purchase Assistant
Vincent Sandoval
Purchase Assistant Alejandro  Escobedo
Purchase Assistant
Alejandro Escobedo
Generic Staff Photo
Purchase Assistant
David Sanchez
Purchase Assistant Mercedes Flores
Purchase Assistant
Mercedes Flores
Purchase Assistant Antonio Alonzo
Purchase Assistant
Antonio Alonzo
Generic Staff Photo
Finance Secretary
Dedra Christy
Generic Staff Photo
Office Manager
Kim Dahlstrom
Account Manager Marily Alvarado
Account Manager
Marily Alvarado
Account Rep. Dejah Saenz
Account Rep.
Dejah Saenz
Detail Specialist Robert  Garcia
Detail Specialist
Robert Garcia
Shop Supervisor Candelario Garcia
Shop Supervisor
Candelario Garcia
Detail Specialist Robertto Ruiz
Detail Specialist
Robertto Ruiz

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We had vincent sandoval and he was great so helpful.. He also works with u on down payment and bill.. We came monday for the first time and today im drivin a car hm.. Best experience ive ever had.. We joked and laughed.. Just a great guy and company... Need a car.... COME HERE

- Amie Smith

My wife and I were extremely satisfied with the whole experience of purchasing a vehicle. Vincent Sandolav was very helpful and worked with us to get the right deal for us.

- Ken Norton

Great Place!! Very accommodating, and in sales, Michael is the man you want! He's AWESOME!! If you've been needing a dependable person that works with what YOU want, he's your man!!! Huge Thanks to the Durrett staff for being INCREDIBLE!!!!

- Brandi Stephens

My husband and I decided at the last minute to drive to Durrett Motors. After going to three other dealerships on yesterday and being told at the last one that we would have to put down $8,000. We had decided that we were just going to look. We prayed before leaving home which is in Humble, TX and...

- Karen Johnson

Me and my husband were to the point of just giving up on the car buying experience! Seemed like everywhere we went it was a complete waste of time with the lies of what these lots could do for us but I told my husband that we would try one more time and I remembered that he got a call one day from...

- Deanna Rice

I've been there and bought three vehicles I was struggling and they always came through for me...an I'm going back to buy another car Thursday. Durrett is the best service,pricing, customer service!!!!!! Thank you so much Durrett..........

- Durrett is the best service,pricing, customer service!!!!!!

Vincent here was so helpful and made the process so easy!! I couldn’t ask for a better sales person , he was so reassuring and willing to work with me! Will definitely tell anyone about them ! And will stick with them for future cars!

- Margaret Herrera

Being a first time buyer I was definitely nervous making a big decision on my own. However Michael went above and beyond to make sure my experience was smooth and painless. Not only did they do everything in their power to work with me, they are also some of the absolute friendliest people I have...

- Josh Perez

Really nice people willing to work with you. Hector is awesome! Maria is great!

- Really nice people

Awesome place! Mike Mazzola was such an expert and very helpful! Would really recommend this Durret Motor Company to anyone and everyone if they are car hunting.

- David Lucero

I have had some serious financial troubles over the past cpl years and terrible credit. Durrett's team made it so easy for a single father trying to put his daughter through college to get into a vehicle so my daughter could have mine, This was no easy task I had been to at least 20 dealerships...

- jareddugan

Hi my name is Katy and I recently leased a 2015 Chevy cruze I had Richard help me out which I am so pleased to say he was super awesome and got me what I wanted. It was a quick process compared to other dealers which wanted twice a down than what I had because of my credit. I cannot believe this...

- Katy Garcia

Darrell is the person I dealt with, and he was very personable and patient, helping every step of the process and answering or ensuring we got an answer to any questions we had regarding the vehicle and the purchasing process. He and the financial/support personnel combined to provide the best...

- Bobby Edge

Durrett Motor Company went above and beyond helping us find a vehicle. They close at 7 and our sales rep and financial advisor stayed there till 9:30 with us trying to help me make a decision. I never felt rushed at all! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a car or truck! There...

- Abby Cox

Great people and they will work with you no matter your credit situation.

- Earl Lacey
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