Brushing your dog or cat does more than making them look beautiful. Brushing cuts down on the chances of getting hair all over your car’s interior. Removing pet hair from a vehicle in Houston, TX can be a hassle, so preventive steps become preferable.

Putting your pet inside a traveling crate, a comfortable one, prevents tons of hair from getting all over the place. If hair does find its way outside of the container, a thorough vacuuming might take it all away. You’ll need a rubber brush attachment, one with bristles, though.

There are other ways to remove pet hair. Spraying the seats with a little water and using a rubber glove on your hand as a makeshift brush roller works. Believe it or not, so does rubbing a static electricity-fused balloon on dry seats.

Car care is often more involved than most drivers realize. Thankfully, the service team at Durrett Motor Co. can assist with several different maintenance requests.