Motion Sickness Prevention Measures

Motion sickness affects young and old. The discomfort experienced by sufferers easily ruins a road trip. There are a number of methods that might prevent the illness from occurring or to help alleviate symptoms. Our Durrett Motor Co. facility has a number of family-friendly vehicles in our inventory that might make your next trip more comfortable.

OTC Dramamine is an approved method that many people use. The key entails taking the medication before the start of the journey. But, should nausea occur, there are homeopathic methods.

Dissolving peppermint candies or taking peppermint or ginger in pill form helps alleviate nausea for some. Having a decent meal at least one hour before leaving enables the stomach to focus on digestion, which is thought to prevent nausea. Taking a nap while sitting in a vehicle, on a boat or aboard a plane helps reset the balance in the inner ear in order for the body to adjust to the motion.


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