You can do a lot with an iPhone, and, with Apple CarPlay, drivers can integrate the device into their driving experience. Through the use of voice operation, a touch screen, and more, Apple provides a safer way to engage the device. So, those many apps that make driving more enjoyable become better accessible.

Users can manually access Apple CarPlay through touchscreens, knobs, and more. Many drivers will prefer to use Siri voice control instead. Talk to Siri, and Siri performs the commands. Those commands may include putting Houston, TX directions into the GPS, playing music, and more.

As for GPS directions, the system comes with Apple Maps, an advanced program packed with features. The audio and video capabilities are combined with a 3D experience to deliver enhanced guidance.

If you want to see how Apple CarPlay works in motion, a test drive in a new car reveals its secrets. So, come to our showroom at Durrett Motor Co. to set up a test drive.