While navigating a traffic jam can seem like the most dangerous thing your vehicle faces each day, the truth is that just venturing outside threatens your car. Your paint can fade or exposed areas can begin to corrode due to environmental pollutants, debris from the road striking it and exposure to harsh sunlight.

Your best defense against the effects of your environment is to maintain your vehicle's exterior by regularly washing and waxing it. Whether you wash it at home or use a car wash, you'll want to thoroughly clean the surface before checking for any chips or flaws caused by flying debris. You can keep a matching bottle of touch-up paint on hand to conduct quick repairs on small areas before they start to rust.

Apply a coat of wax to add a layer of protection to your paint surface once you've washed it. Keeping up with this sort of maintenance will extend the lifespan of the exterior and even help to get you more money when you go to sell it.


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