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NIADA Certified Master Dealer

Durrett Motor Company: NIADA Certified Master Dealer    NIADA’s Certified Master Dealer

Why is this important to a consumer?

Durrett Motor Company is a nationally recognized dealer that demonstrates the highest level of commitment and support to the principles and ethical business standards required by NIADA’s Certified Master Dealer Program. Currently, there are only 94 Certified Master Dealers across the United States, 7 of those dealers are in Texas and only 3 dealerships in Houston. From the consumer's perspective, one of the better-known adages relating to our business is, “if you don't know cars, you'd better know the dealer.” Sounds like reasonable advice, but just how does the consumer go about “knowing the dealer”?

That very question emphasizes the importance of a nationally recognized and accepted standard by which prospective used vehicle buyers and even a dealer's business associates can evaluate the stability, reliability and professionalism of a dealer’s operation. The creation and fostering of that nationally recognized standard is what NIADA's Certified Master Dealer® program (hereinafter CMD®) is all about.

A Certified Master Dealer's® business standards, work-experience and superior skills development make the Certified Master Dealer designation and the CMD® seal the most coveted achievement in the realm of used vehicle retailing. Those who have demonstrated their commitment to the principles and ethical business standards that CMD® entails are rewarded with increased respect from their peers, their business associates and most importantly, their customers.